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Education and Training

We are primarily a maritime research organisation, but in consonance with changing maritime and market conditions, we also offer a limited range of specialist maritime courses to meet client needs and requirements. Click on any of our current offerings for further information:


Our course philosophy
Every course we conduct is designed to be highly practical and interactive. We take a hands-on approach to teaching and learning and put a strong emphasis on practical applications that are of immediate value in the workplace. Our aim is to give participants the opportunity to learn from actual maritime situations and develop workable solutions to specific problems and issues in their particular work environments.

Course validation
We have been running specialist courses over the last 15 years. Each course goes through a process of continuous evaluation and improvement. At each iteration, feedback from participants and employers is systematically gathered and used for course revision.

Client satisfaction
We are proud to say that our clients continue to express a high level of satisfaction in the quality of our courses. We aim to maintain this record by ensuring that all our courses are designed, developed, and delivered to a high standard of excellence.