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International Safety Management (ISM) Course

The ISM Course is a 4-day course that introduces participants to maritime safety management in compliance with the International Safety Management Code. The course is for all maritime personnel who are responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of the Code within their organisations. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to explain and interpret the requirements of the ISM Code, audit a safety management system both ashore and at sea, document and implement a safety management system, motivate people into supporting a safety management system, and monitor and control a safety management system to ensure its continuous improvement.

If desired, the 4-day course can be split into two independent 2-day courses: the Introductory ISM Course and the Advanced ISM Course.


The 2-day Introductory ISM Course introduces participants to the ISM Code and provides them with some basic tools to explain, interpret, and audit a safety management system. This introductory segment is for people whose objective is merely to gain a general overview of the ISM Code requirements.


The 2-day Advanced ISM Course shows participants how to develop, document, implement, and monitor and control a safety management system. It is assumed that all participants in this advanced course are thoroughly familiar with the elements and requirements of the ISM Code and what is involved during a safety management system audit.