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Maritime Security Auditors Course

This course aims to teach participants the requisite skills to audit a port facility, ship or designated authority to assess compliance with the ISPS Code and/or ISO 28000.

The course has three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The basic level is introductory in nature and designed for participants with no previous training or experience in maritime audits. The intermediate level is for maritime personnel who have completed the basic course, have participated in a number of audits, and require further enhancement of auditing knowledge and skills. The advanced level is for experienced maritime auditors to provide them with continuing professional development and prepare them to become audit team leaders and check auditors.

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to conduct maritime security audits either as an auditor, audit team leader, or check auditor in accordance with the requirements of the auditing standard ISO 19011 and the ISPS Code and/or ISO 28000.